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 Selected Papers

Evaluating algorithms for anomaly detection in satellite telemetry data

J NalepaM Myller, J Andrzejewski, P Benecki… - Acta Astronautica, 2022 - Elsevier

The mean results across all test sequences from the Hexagon-ML benchmark dataset (for each metric, we indicate if it should be minimized ↓ or maximized ↑ ). The best results for …


Optimal policy learning for disease prevention using reinforcement learning

Z Alam Khan, Z Feng, MI UddinN Mast… - Scientific …, 2020 -

A diagram representing the environment developed by Hexagon-ML for finding the best policy for avoiding malaria is given in Figure 3. e environment contains five years. Every year is …


The kdd cup 2019 report

W ZhouTD Roy, I Skrypnyk - ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter, 2020 -

The humanity reinforcement learning (RL) track was sponsored by IBM Africa and Hexagon-ML to determine the best policy in distribution of control measures to eradicate Malaria. 


A global health gym environment for rl applications

SL RemyO Bent - NeurIPS 2019 Competition and …, 2020 -

More recently, there is also an emerging class of problems presented through dedicated Machine Learning Competition Platforms such as Kaggle, CodaLab, Zindi, and Hexagon-ML, …


Selected Citations

[CITATION] Hexagon-ML (2018) The UCR time series classification archive
HA Dau, E Keogh, K Kamgar, CCM Yeh, Y Zhu… - URL https://www. cs. ucr …, 2022

[CITATION] Hexagon-ML,“The ucr time series classification archive,” October 2018
HA Dau, E Keogh, K Kamgar, CCM Yeh, Y Zhu… - 2018

[CITATION] Yanping, Bing Hu, Nurjahan Begum, Anthony Bagnall, Abdullah Mueen, Gustavo Batista, and Hexagon-ML. The ucr time series classification archive …
[CITATION] Yanping and Hu, Bing, and and Begum, Nurjahan and Bagnall, Anthony and Mueen, Abdullah and Batista, Gustavo, and Hexagon-ML
HA Dau, E Keogh, K Kamgar, CCM Yeh, Y Zhu… - The UCR Time Series …, 2018


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